Dear Travel Professional

We would like to introduce you to our company Italy Hotline Custom and Gourmet Tours and provide you with some information about how we can be helpful with planning your client’s Italy vacation.

We believe the best way to discover a country comes from learning its history while also indulging the senses. Basking in its food its wine and its cultural traditions is as key to understanding Italy as is learning about its art, archeology and legends. Combining these aspects with the hidden treasures one finds only by living in Italy and speaking Italian, has helped us to open the Secret Door to Italy for our customers.

Fourteen years ago we created Italy Hotline Custom and Gourmet Tours using our first-hand knowledge of the language and of Italian culture to offer high quality and fully customized walking, food and wine tours as well as privately chauffeured services all over Italy with attention to every detail. As our company grew, we branched out and began also arranging select hotel bookings, cruise ship transfers, and shore excursions. Today, in 2017, we are happy to say that we offer full concierge services all over Italy.

What Italy Hotline Custom and Gourmet Tours provides for you:

  • Wonderful personalized itineraries for the discretionary traveler, providing a profound and unforgettable experience. You can relax knowing your client will have the same attention to detail in every city they visit. Your clients can contact us in Italy at any time if they have any questions or needs.
  • Unparalleled customer service for you and your client. 24 hour response time to your inquiries with clear and concise itinerary proposals and hassle free confirmations. Our policy of 100 percent satisfaction is backed up by the hundreds of positive customer feedback responses that we have received.
  • We work with handpicked professionals; top-quality English-speaking historians, archeologists, wine & food experts and chauffeurs throughout Italy who are dedicated to the highest standards of customer service. They are chosen because of their understanding of Italian culture, cuisine, art and history along with an ability to communicate that knowledge in an in-depth, fun, and interesting way. They become a great friend in Italy to each of your clients.
  • A clear and concise website with details on our tour service and easy to use online order system to track each client. This gives you full control over your client itineraries from start to finish, always knowing we are only an email or phone call away.

Please contact us at to discuss the details of our collaboration and commission rates. We are at your service!


Your Italy Hotline Custom & Gourmet Tours Office Team