Artist Field Day in Rome

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The Short Story
For beginners or affirmed artists, this is a wonderful way to enjoy a truly art-filled day in Rome. You will pass the day with an Italian artist painting or sketching your own impressions of the Eternal City to take home with you. A local artist’s knowledge of vantage points in the city where one can sit undisturbed and out of the sun or rain are a great advantage. Whatever your skill level, your artist-guide will help you tackle composition, proportion and develop your artistic potential. A selection of sites both excitingly appealing for their beauty and historic significance and comfortably sheltered from sun or rain will be offered for you to choose from. You'll benefit from the knowledge of vantage points in the city where one can sit undisturbed while working. Think about planning your outing on a clear morning or dusky late afternoon in order to capture the amazing variety of the quality of Roman light.

For an alternative itinerary, indoor museum visits can also be arranged to draw from the incredible masterpieces on hand in Rome. Consider the lovely ancient city of Ostia Antica, a great destination for drawing and painting with its verdant peaceful calm coupled with evocative Roman ruins offering endless amounts of inspiration. Full day itineraries and trips outside of Rome to nature reserves, medieval towns, or ancient sites are also available upon request. Have our artist-guide buy the necessary supplies to your interests or accompany you to one of Rome’s well-stocked art stores as part of your experience. Or let us know if you’d like to bring your own kit!

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