Murano, Burano, Torcello & the Venice Lagoon by Vaporetto

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The Short Story
Enter into a unique and watery world as you and your private guide explore the mysterious Venice lagoon by vaporetto boat. Your private guide will take you to the island of Murano, famous for its glass blowing tradition, followed by the brightly colored island of Burano nearby, as well the unique island of Torcello with only eighteen inhabitants. Your guide will take you on a tour of a selection of islands around Venice by public boat as the Venetians do. The most noted is Murano, a must-see charming yet industrious village known for its beautiful glass creations. The glass-blowing tradition dates back millennia to the Ancient Romans, but it is the artisans of current Murano who are its master. Next you will visit Burano, made of several tiny islands connected by bridges. It is famous for its traditional lace-making of the highest quality and for its brightly-painted buildings which must follow a strict code for approval! Your final stop, Torcello, was settled by the ancient Veneti and became very important in the Middle Ages as a trading center boasting over 20,000 inhabitants. Today only eighteen remain, so a visit to this island provides a strange glimpse of time gone by, with its medieval palaces, churches and squares. The tiny island of San Servolo originated as a religious refuge for nuns and monks in the Middle Ages. It has now been fully restored and features a beautiful park full of centuries-old trees, flowers and medicinal plants from around the world. Time is included for an excellent lunch at a restaurant selected by your guide. This tour can also be done with a private boat instead of by vaporetto. Contact us for pricing.