Other Destinations
2 3 hr. 215

Rome Through Romantic Eyes

Experience the world of the literary romantics through a walking tour of Rome lead, exclusively, by the Curator of the Keats-Shelley House.

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5 5 hr. 300

Rome’s Grand Religious Relics Tour

Take a very special, custom-made tour of Rome with a professional, expert tour guide and discover the most famous and significant relics kept in the many churches of the Eternal City.

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2 3 hr. 240

Rome, City of Writers

An exciting, exclusive tour lead by the Curator of the Keats-Shelley House takes you on a journey of discovery: Rome as a city of literary geniuses like Goethe, Keats, Shelley, Byron and many more.

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5 4 hr. 320

Fascist Rome

Discovering Mussolini's Monumental Empire

Venture out to Mussolini's EUR, a masterpiece of early 20th century architecture. Built to host the 1942 World's Fair, it is a fascinating view into the twisted empire Mussolini hoped to build, in which massive buildings stripped of ornament tower over you, imposing the dreadful power of the state.

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5 4 hr. 1,040

Exclusive Secrets of the Imperial Forum with Anthony Majanlahti

Enjoy an exciting exploration of Basilicas, temples, and ancient public forums with Anthony, a widely-published expert on Rome, as he shares rich historical stories and hidden secrets. Uncover unusual underground sites and ancient architectural masterpieces that most will never see.

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5 4 hr. 1,040

Exclusive Secrets of the Ancient City with Anthony Majanlahti

Let Anthony, a published and widely-recognized expert on the noble families of Rome open the Secret Door to the Ancient city! Explore evocative sites not open to the public and discover hidden masterpieces of the Emperors including frescoes, mosaic floors and architectural wonders.

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5 4 hr. 350

Angel’s View Sunset Walk

Experience Rome from the highest points across the city and enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the stunning city center while sipping a glass of chilled prosecco.

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5 8 hr. 640

Secret Door to Rome Full Day Tour

Uncover what lies beyond the “Secret Door” of Rome! Set off with your expert private guide on this full-day walking or chauffeured tour to visit the many secrets that Rome has to offer — from quiet hidden piazzas and churches to the many mysterious symbols that drape the mighty Pantheon.

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